Thursday, November 24, 2016

Run, Jump and Throw

My first one was jumping here is some of my challenges

Number 1  was jumping over a skipping-rope.   Some or them were harder then the others.
Number 2 running it was incredible  how the game was,  it was very fun!!!
Number 3 throwing  the throwing was quite hard. I did ok.                                                    



  1. Well done David. I like the photos an the little bit of writing. Keep it up David.

  2. Some great action shots there! It's great you told what the was your challenges.

  3. Nice work David, Great work on this blog post, you did a great job and I like how you explained it. I also love the photo's. The jumping one as absolutely great it looks like you jumped super super high. Keep up this awesome work on these blog posts!

  4. Nice job on your P.E u are really good at athletes Keep it up David.😎

  5. Well done David great post in the photos I can see you have been trying really hard I like it that you told us what challenges you came across and your jump was amazing you jumped so high!!! ;D